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Boutique Hotels

Do you own a small independent hotel, an Air BNB or perhaps you are fortunate in owning a holiday home that you part rent? Regardless of the type of property I know that you are working extremely hard in making your business the very best it can be to gain 5* reviews and endless returning customers, am I right?

The rooms are beautifully decorated, there's not a spot of dust to been seen, the bed sheet feel soft and inviting, the property is perfectly situated, your sourcing the best local produce for breakfasts and your customer service is second to none.

You have invested your time in 4 of the 5 human senses already but have you remembered to invest in the sense of smell?

I have been stayed in no end of hotels both in the UK and abroad for business and pleasure. The common mistake is there has been no investment by the business in creating a welcoming fragrance so in addition to thinking this is a lovely room I have also on many many occasions thought 'but it smells a little musty or a little clinical with a strong cleaning smell.

Lets work together and make sure that your customers are welcomed with the right type of smells that compliments your property perfectly. Trust me your customers will remember it for all the right reasons!

During your consultation I will take a tour with you around your property and its gardens. A property in the countryside will have different recommendations to those that are urban or seaside, It's not as simple as lets shove the strongest fragrance in there and close the door! Fragrances need to be selected carefully so that your customers nose isn't offended by the scent choice. Sometimes it's hard to separate what you like from what will please the customer.

At the end of your consultation you will be left with my advice on product type and placement, you will also be given seasonal recommendations, I don't expect you change your fragrance for each of the 4 seasons simple a spring through to summer and autumn to winter option. To fill a room of Lavender when we are in the grips of winter simply doesn't make sense!

This consultation is a service, it is priced based on the distance of travel involved and the size of property, it wouldn't be fair to charge the same for a 2 room as it would a 100 room hotel. There is no obligation to take my advice and invest in Amelia Daniels products, you may choose to ignore it completely. The choice is yours there is no pressure from our side to do anything you are not 100% sure you want to do.


Take some time to think this over and ask yourself why are you not investing in your customers sense of smell when the most luxurious and highly regarded business are?  Are you missing a trick?

The first step is to enquire on the link below, this will prompt an email box to appear. Simple tell us your name, contact email/telephone number, location and business name. We will respond within a couple of days with a fixed price for this service based on location and property size. Once you are happy to proceed we will get a date in the diary,



Bespoke Fragrance

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own fragrance? Perhaps you want your very own perfume, body lotion, home fragrance and be able to tell others it's been made exclusively made for you!

This service requires a consultation, it is important to remember a custom fragrance cannot be created over night, in some cases it can take many months. During your initial consultation I will ask exactly what you would like us to make with the fragrance once it has been produced, is it purely for home fragrance or cosmetics as well? This is something we need to know from the start and it's something you need to be certain of because it dramatically affects the cost. In addition I need to know what your likes and dislikes with fragrance are? Are you trying to create a smell based on a memory or a desired feeling of relaxation or motivation for example? Once a detailed brief has been established I can go on to start creating your fragrance.


As soon as I am satisfied I have a good number of quality combinations that fit the brief you have provided, it's time for you to make your choice from the samples scents I have created for you. On making your selection it's time for you to choose your fragrance name and for the products of your choice to be made, tested and legalised.

This is a high premium service, it is the up most of luxury. We believe in being open and honest with you and it is with sadness that this service will only be a possibility for a small number of people.

The first step is to enquire on the link below, this will prompt an email box to appear. Simple tell us your name, contact email and telephone number. We will need to speak to you to check firstly that the product you want us to place the fragrance into is in fact possible and to give you an indication of the costs involved. Once you are happy to proceed we will arrange a date for the first consultation.



The Home Fragrance Experience 

You can now enjoy the VIP treatment with the exclusive home fragrance experience. 

Instead of rushing out to visit us at an event or trying to guess which fragrances you will like when buying online book an appointment with an Amelia Daniels executive. 

Our reps will visit you in your home allowing you to take your time to discover all of the Amelia Daniels aromas. When you know which ones you love the rep will place an order for you in your preferred products and they will be delivered by courier direct to your front door. 

 A mileage charge is applicable on this service​ to cover the cost of fuel. This however is waived when you invite a few friends to attend your personal experience, if your friends decide to make orders at the same time a 10% discount will be applied to your order.

Simply click the link below to check availability.



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