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This year our Christmas scents are available in Room Sprays as well! 


Currently available on pre-order only and orders will not be dispatched until 1st October 2019.


Avaialble in the below Christmas scents:


Christmas Spice


Mistletoe Kisses


Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon

We know you typically pay between £12-£15 for a 100ml spray. We want to give you not just a better product but value for money as well.

Our room spray bottles are the amazing Flairosol bottles that produce a spray quality like no other. In fact they are so good they make the typical atomiser bottle used by other artisans look amateur! You can run round the house like a Ninja spraying this room spray if you want to, it allows you to spray the bottle in any position, even upside down and it's got a continuous spray function allowing you to spray larger areas without the need for you to continue to press the spray trigger. We promise you are going to love our new room sprays and better still the Flairosol bottle is enviormentally friendly and refillable. It can be sprayed up to 40,000 times before it needs to be replaced. When you run out of room spray just come back to us and buy a 200ml refill priced at £15, that's just £3 more for double the fragrance amount you can buy elsewhere!


Christmas Room Sprays

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