All of our candles are made using 100% pure Soy wax and cruelty free premium fragrance. We use a new dual wick which is made up from a pure triple plaited Cotton wick in the center and then a wooden wick tube surronding the Cotton to provide additional stability. We want to give you the cleanest burning candles possible so we refuse to use pre-waxed wicks that contain metals for stability. The benefit of this new dual wick is that it allows the candle flame to become hotter at a quicker rate, this means that the wax pool will release a beautiful aroma into your home sooner but it hasn't reduced the burn time of the candle. It's a win win! The wood wick will also provide a gentle crackle sound which we know many people love.


Standard candle has a 35 hour burn time and triple wick has a 50 hour burn time.


This candle sits in a luxury frosted glass branded with Amelia Daniels and comes complete with a gold candle lid which is designed to be used as a candle snuffer as well as to keep your candle free of dust and dirt when it's not in use.


Top tip:

All candles have a memory of how they burn the first time and they will continue to burn the same each time after. To stop a candle from tunneling (all brands) allow the candle to burn until the wet wax pool has reached all the way to the glass before you extinguish the flame. This will make sure the candle burns evenly throughout. If you neglect to do this the candle (all brands) will tunnel resulting in a reduced burn time and fragrance throw. And always remember to trim the wick!


Arabian Silk

  • Arabian Silk - Sweet fruity undertones which are encased by fresh Roses. A heart of Amber and Guaiacwood. Sweet Lily and Jasmine embrace the Patchouli, before laying on a woody bed of Cedar and Sandalwood. Sweet Vanilla Musk finishes this fragrance and brings it to life