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Amelia Daniels

There's no place like home and there's nothing better than a home that smells amazing!

Here at Amelia Daniels we see home fragrance as more that just beautifully scented products. To us every fragrance has its own story to tell and is suited to a different room, time of the day, season and occasion.

They are just waiting for you to discover them.

All of our products are handmade with love, making sure that when you receive them they are simply perfect. Unlike some of our competitors you can rest assured that when you buy an Amelia Daniels branded product it has been made by us.

Tough Day? Relax with..

Black Raspberry & Peppercorn

Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine

Rock Salt & Driftwood

Rosewood & Velvet

Black Fig & Vetiver

Lime, Basil & Mandarin

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We are the official adviser of scent to Above The Crowd and their customers.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers say!

'We were your last customers of the day at Marldon. I love the spray, my house smells amazing! Will definitely be buying some more!' - Caralee Skedgell

'The loveliest lady and her products are absolutely amazing! Can't stop buying them! Cannot recommend enough' - Kirsty Putt

'Wow, brought the Black Pomegranate Diffusers from Amelia Daniels on Saturday at Saltash Regatta, so glad I did! Put it in the bedroom and it's lovely, a crisp, clean but not overpowering joy! Thank you! - Rebecca Donnelly

'Beautiful scents that just fill the room with subtle aromas' - Nicola Godefroy

'We visited you at Totnes and picked up some gorgeous wax melts, love them, will 100% be ordering more.' - Clair Hastewell

'Have just put the Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla car freshener in, OMG it's amazing!it's so delicious and perfect on a sunny day - Rebekah Palmer Jones

'LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE' - Claire Harrison

'Gorgeous products from lovely people. Fantastic fragrances and long lasting. I just love my diffuser. 5 star! - Bev Hampshire

'I'm just burning my new Christmas spice candle, the smell is divine, thanks, will definitely buy again.' - Lee Mackintosh

'Lovely scents and beautifully presented' - Paula Newnham

'Love my new diffuser, will definitely be after more soon. ' - Leigh-Anne Davidson

All of our products are made by hand in Devon.

What's next for Amelia Daniels?

Right now we are putting all of our efforts into surviving Covid19, this horrible illness has drastically impacted the way our business operates with all the events for this year being cancelled which produces 90% of our businesses turnover each year. The plans we did have this year to take you on a scent adventure with us to discover new fragrances has now been put on hold until such a time it is safe to travel and do this, it is simply being put on hold not cancelled.

We are continuing to carry out our own research into cosmetics and to develop our own range which we hope to be able to launch soon this is something we are hugely excited about as we have been recording the results of these products to prove they work which we will release at the time of product launch.

In addition we are looking into new ways for our small business to grow with the challenges that Covid19 has brought our way, for us the only positive that we can take from this is that it is opening our eyes to look at things we hadn't considered before. 

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